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🐈  — a glimpse into the lives of our favorite animal companions — 🐩 

Cats and Dogs in the Window by Chantal Rens is a continuous photography project that started in 2014.

Regular uploads on instagram (3 posts every 3 days).

Occasionally a series of photos appears in the form of a publication. Each volume contains 30* tear off photos on glossy photo paper held together by a file fastener​. Stamped and signed. Made by hand. Ten parts have been published since 2016. 

*except for the Zürich special with 10 photographs.

Publications available at: ARTisBOOKshop, (Groningen),  Boekie Woekie (Amsterdam), UTRECHT (Tokyo) and MATERIAL (Zürich). 

30 photographs of, as the title suggests, cats and dogs sitting in the windows of their homes provide a glimpse into the lives of our favourite animal companions, a tear off photo map held by a file-fastener. 

— Jan Voss (Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam)

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